Express Chambers – Edgware Station

H.A. Marks have successfully carried out the full external renovations, redecorations and re-roofing works to this residential block of flats. The Block is owned and managed by Transport for London and is located beside Edgware Station.

One challenge encountered was erecting the gable end scaffold, which bounds onto a busy 24hr Bus Terminal. By careful coordination with all parties and controlled night working we were able to overcome the problem and complete the works on schedule.

The Tree House, Clapham

Well insulated, air tight timber framed two-bedroom house on 6.6m wide site with access restricted by the eponymous tree. The design strategy aimed to achieve a 'zero carbon' performance and the house was built to stringent standards. This included high performance windows and whole house mechanical ventilation. The energy systems include rain water recycling, photo-voltaic generation of electricity and a system of hot water generation that combines a solar thermal panel with a vertical ground loop heat pump.

The Big Barn, Ashington

Reconstruction of an oak framed barn to form a well insulated three bedroom house. The existing building had been extensively and poorly repaired and was on the point of collapse. We dismantled it and numbered all the components.

We then found we had insufficient structural timbers to reconstruct a new frame, so the existing oak was used for the two central bays only, which enclose a full height space. Bedrooms form galleries on either side of this space, and green oak was used for the structural timbers in these areas.

Leathwaite Road

This project entailed underpinning the property to create a basement open plan living area followed by a full refit to the ground floor and basement. The builders works, structural alterations and fit out works was carried out by our own direct team of skilled Tradesmen.

The most challenging aspect of this project was the creation of the new basement given the nature of the ground and the restrictive size of the site. The projects most outstanding feature is a hexagonal light well that was created in front of the ground floor bay window.

Hazlehurst Estate

Hidden homes are a government initiative to convert disused property into residential accommodation. H.A. Marks have successfully completed converting redundant plant rooms, stores and garages underneath an existing block of flats into 3 large new 4 & 5 bedroom flats.